Sound Bath Therapy

A symphony of sound and Reiki healing transports you into a meditative state of wellbeing and insight. Vibrations from singing bowls move fluids through the body while Reiki healing unblocks stuck energy inducing a calm body and settled mind. In this meditative state you can easily uncover insights into yourself and discover actions that will benefit your life. Sessions begin with a personalized assessment to address your individual needs then moves into a guided meditation for setting your intention. As you relax throughout the session, insights will spontaneously arise deepening your understanding of yourself and your life.

Intro Specials

  • 2 Weeks Unlimited Classes
  • $25

Beginning Yoga Studies

  • with 5 class card
  • $105

Therapy Special

  • One 60 minute Massage or Reiki
  • $60

Gift Cards

  • Class Cards
  • Therapies
  • Beginning Yoga Studies
  • Choose your own amount

Rise Wellness

  • 7385 Greenhaven Drive, #5
  • Sacramento, CA 95831
  • 916.538.6180

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