Integrative Healing Therapy


Energy healing facilitates the healing process by clearing blocks from the human aura and repairing and rebalancing this living field of consciousness so the body can flow at its full potential. The 60-minute healing session delivers a blend of subtle energy protocols that are designed to promote relaxation, restore balance, and facilitate healing at the deepest layers of the human energy system.

Integrated in each session are protocols to synchronize the physical and energy bodies; clear Astral chakras of emotional energy and cords; clear the Astral aura of obstructions, karmic interferences, programming, agreements and other blocks that are affecting flow and balance; infuse the Etheric and Astral bodies with Prana, Earth/Cosmic energies, color and/or positive emotional vibrations to strengthen and support the energy field.

The 90- and 120-minute sessions include consultation time, which is designed to enhance collaboration between practitioner and client. During sessions, clients can be taught one or more clearing protocols, which they can use to establish or enhance their own energy hygiene practices. Services provided by Naomi Aoyagi. To schedule an appointment, visit or call 916-952-6001.

Practitioner: Naomi